Zpider eShop
The e-commerce solution for Visma Global and Visma Business that just works


  • Products

    All product information is managed in your ERP. Since Zpider eShop is using the data directly from your SQL server, there is no lag between when you update information in Visma Global or Visma Business and when it's updated on the web.

    Customer specific prices from Visma Global and Visma Business is always up to date in your Zpider eShop. The same goes for stock values. When the stock value for an item is updated it's reflected in your webshop without delay.

  • Customers

    All customer information in kept in your ERP system, and when a customer registeres in the webshop it is immediately created in Visma Global or Visma Business as well. With the flick of a switch you give your customer access to your webshop and send an invitation email so that they can get started.

    This also means that customers will keep your ERP system up to date for you by updating their information in the webshop.

  • Orders

    Orders are automatically imported into your ERP system and emails are sent with a confirmation to the both the customer and an order processor of choice.

    All order history, including orders you've placed outside of the webshop, is available to the customer once logged in.

  • Credit card payments

    Zpider eShop is integrated with Nets and the process of handing credit cards is fully automated with both Visma Global and Visma Business.